Trivia Friday: Red Grange, John Belushi, and a gorilla

1. Red Grange’s six-touchdown game against Michigan in 1924 inspired poetry and cemented Grange’s legend. His performance featured four TDs in the first quarter alone, but which detail about the Wolverine defense made the Galloping Ghost’s feat even more impressive?

Michigan had only given up three TDs over the previous two seasons combined*

2. In 1937, the University bought the contents of artist Lorado Taft’s studio and acquired two sculptures by Emmanuel Frémiet. One depicts a battle between a hunter and a bear while the other, odder work lives up to which vivid name?

Gorilla Carrying Off a Woman*

3. In 2016, Suze Orman advised returning students to “beware of the roommate with the live-in boyfriend.” Orman lived in a one-bedroom at 777 Springfield and did not cite problems with fellow students Carole Morgan and Judy Jacklin, but rather with which third “roommate”?

Jacklin’s live-in boyfriend and future husband, comedian John Belushi*