Trivia Friday

1. University of Illinois scientists have long endeavored to create a base for chewing gum that uses zein, a protein found in corn. In 2005, researcher Graciela Padua announced that a six-year project working with zein had yielded which potential consumer product?

A biodegradable chewing gum that hardened when one spits it out*

2. Dedicated in 1969, the Krannert Center was founded with money from Illinois grad Herman C. Krannert and his wife. Herman, a mechanical engineer, made his fortune manufacturing boxes, and got his start in the business working for a firm that made which product?

Ventilated boxes used to ship baby chicks long distances*

3. Justin Smith Morrill lent his name to the Morrill Act of 1862, the legislation that funded institutions of higher ed across the U.S. The same year Morrill, a Vermont gentleman farmer, also sponsored which other 1862 law aimed at a specific religious group?

The Morrill Anti-Bigamy Act enacting a ban on Mormonism’s practice of plural marriage*