Trivia Friday

Answers below.

1. Alta Saunders (nee Gwinn) co-founded the U. of I. chapter of the Delta Gamma sorority. Along with her sister Delta Gammas, Alta spearheaded the purchase of the current sorority house at West Nevada and South Mathews by raising the down payment in which way?

2. Rhetoric 10, initially offered in 1902, offered the first American college-level class in business writing. Taught by Thomas Arkle Clark, Rhetoric 10 was a males-only class due to which of Clark’s personal beliefs?

3. In the 1950s, the University handed freshman girls the publication Illini Wise to teach them the rules for females on campus. Readers learned that the university stipulated a lights-out for women—though not men—built around which school night regulation?




1. Starting, and a year later selling, a popular campus tea room*

2. That the female mind lacked the necessary logic for business communication*

3. A curfew that required women to return to their residence hall by 10:30*