Cherry blossoms!  It’s springtime in Washington, D.C. From April 7-10 the Press attended the Organization of American Historians’ 2010 annual meeting at the Hilton Washington in D.C.  (more than one acquaintance reminded me that the Hilton is where President Reagan was shot in 1981).

This year’s conference was well attended and we had the pleasure of interacting with many University of Illinois Press authors. Highlights included a cookie and soda reception for the editors of the Florence Kelley and Jane Addams papers projects, and a champagne toast to celebrate Margaret Washington’s Darlene Clark Hine Award for Sojourner Truth’s America.

Thanks to the many authors who posed for photos. See the Photos section of the University of Illinois Press Facebook page for more images.

Leslie Alexander, Margaret Washington, Michelle Scott
Jarod Roll and Darlene Clark Hine
Laurie Matheson being interviewed by C-Span's Book-TV

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