University Press Week: Ideas Unbound

How do blind people understand race?

What does quantitative data reveal about the real “game change” in the 2012 presidential election?

Is digital data crunching proving that Jane Austin thumps Herman Melville and Charles Dickens in terms of literary influence?

These are some of the questions examined by University Press projects published in 2013.  On the occasion of University Press Week, a gallery of some of the exemplary work done in scholarly publishing is found on the “Ideas Unbound” section of the AAUP site.

Features among the array of thought provoking projects is the spring 2013 UIP title Macroanalysis by Matthew L. Jockers.

Jockers introduces readers to large scale literary computing and the revolutionary potential of “macroanalysis”—a new approach to the study of the literary record designed for probing the digital-textual world as it exists today, in digital form and in large quantities.



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