In the newly-released Winter 2018 issue of Visual Arts Research, contributors Nadine M. Kalin and Daniel T. Barney offer a critique of the ways the predominant organization potentially limits the field of art education.

Journal editor Jorge Lucero notes “it is difficult for a journal that only comes out every 6 months to publish a commentary that is meant to touch on a prescient moment in the field, and then allow for rebuttals and counter-arguments, but we also recognize that the issue Kalin and Barney bring up in their piece has taken a long time to get where it is and will take a long time to address on the other side of this publication. Visual Arts Research will be providing a public forum—along with this publication—for a more immediate response to the piece and any response to other pieces published by the journal in the future.”

University of Illinois Press has made this article open access, and we invite anyone who wants to participate in the discussion to do so. You can take part in the conversation by accessing the article on JSTOR (

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