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African American Studies

Beyond Respectability

The Intellectual Thought of Race Women

Author: Brittney C. Cooper
Pub Date: May 2017

The women and ideas behind the triumph of the black female intellectual   learn more...

link to catalog page HAMILTON, Booker T. Washington in American Memory Author: Kenneth M. Hamilton
Pub Date: March 2017

The death and commemoration of an iconic figure   learn more...

link to catalog page RHODES, Framing the Black Panthers

Framing the Black Panthers

The Spectacular Rise of a Black Power Icon

Author: Jane Rhodes
Pub Date: February 2017

The Black Panthers' rise to prominence and notoriety   learn more...

Health Equity in Brazil

Intersections of Gender, Race, and Policy

Author: Kia Lilly Caldwell
Pub Date: June 2017

The effect of women's activism on public health in Brazil   learn more...

link to catalog page STANLEY, The Loyal West

The Loyal West

Civil War and Reunion in Middle America

Author: Matthew E. Stanley
Pub Date: February 2017

How an American borderland broke apart and pulled back together   learn more...

link to catalog page AMMEN, May Irwin

May Irwin

Singing, Shouting, and the Shadow of Minstrelsy

Author: Sharon Ammen
Pub Date: January 2017

The vivid life and startling times of a forgotten entertainer   learn more...

link to catalog page, Octavia E. Butler Author: Gerry Canavan
Pub Date: December 2016

An outsider's journey to literary acclaim   learn more...

E-book available for immediate download from these e-book retailers:
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link to catalog page EDWARDS, The Revolt of the Black Athlete Author: Harry Edwards
Pub Date: May 2017

The Fiftieth Anniversary edition of the pioneering study of sport and struggle   learn more...

Black Post-Blackness

The Black Arts Movement and Twenty-First-Century Aesthetics

Author: Margo Natalie Crawford
Pub Date: April 2017

An innovative reconsideration of the Black Arts Movement and Post-Blackness   learn more...

Colored No More

Reinventing Black Womanhood in Washington, D.C.

Author: Treva B. Lindsey
Pub Date: April 2017

The struggles and victories of New Negro women and their movement   learn more...

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