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Inside Higher Ed reports today on the failure of Illinois’ Global Campus initiative.

Daniel J. Myers expresses concern in the The Chronicle of Higher Education about his popularity as a peer reviewer. In the past month, I have been asked to review not one (which would be reasonable), or two (understandable), or three (excessive), … Continue reading

Kent Redfield, contributor to the forthcoming book Illinois Politics: A Citizen’s Guide, comments in a Chicago Tribune story on Illinois legislative scholarships.

After the past year especially, scholarly publishers are looking for new models that work in an age of digital downloadable segmentable content and declining sales and institutional support. Over ten years ago I heard someone say at a conference that … Continue reading

Good health care is essential, and Americans watch closely as President Obama and Congress struggle to determine how to deliver basic medical service to all Americans. It helps to put the problem of health care in perspective. Consider the medical situation in … Continue reading

-Indiana University Press blog announces an electronic content initiative. -Duke University Press blog encourages readers to follow the recent advice of Inside Higher Ed. -Princeton University Press blog spreads the fertilizer around the globe. -The Chicago Blog highlights a recent radio … Continue reading

Scott McLemee investigates Twitter use at university presses.

The Chicago Tribune reports that getting into the state’s flagship university can be made easier depending upon whom one knows. Patronage has become such an entrenched part of the admissions process that there’s even a name for the applicants with heavy-hitting … Continue reading

This morning’s Chronicle of Higher Education Daily Report features “A Tradition of Banality” by Don Troop. (Warning: CHE‘s links are walled after a few days.) The “Banality” refers to the thousands of taglines collected at Troop reports that Rick … Continue reading

Before you fill out your NCAA Men’s Basketball brackets, be sure to consult Inside Higher Ed‘s annual Academic Performance Tournament.  We’re in the sweet sixteen, baby!