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Teachers affect all our lives. I mean, that you can even read that sentence is because of a teacher. Whether the word teacher conjures up images of a fearsome nun or a Miss Othmar-esque crush, we owe them a lot for putting up … Continue reading

“With great eloquence and pathos, N. draws on his daily life and references philosophers from Socrates to Kant to describe the netherworld of the undocumented. He takes solace in his education and his gift for reflection as he watches the … Continue reading

University of Illinois Press director Willis G. Regier writes about German-Prussian military theorist Carl von Clausewitz, and the influential tome On War, in the Chronicle of Higher Education. With protracted wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, American and British readers have found On … Continue reading

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy On November 20, 2011, NBC’s Nightly News interviewed Ronald A. Smith, professor emeritus of sports history at Penn State University and author of Pay for Play: A History … Continue reading

The Chronicle of Higher Education‘s Page View blog looks at the recent controversy over the new Journal of Animal Ethics. “Fur has flown since the editors of the Journal of Animal Ethics presumed to introduce their new publication with a … Continue reading

Looking for that perfect gift for your UIUC graduate? Larry Kanfer will sign copies of his new photography book Illini Loyalty: The University of Illinois during graduation weekend. Visit him at the Illini Union Bookstore in Champaign: Saturday, May 14, 2011 … Continue reading

Today’s Inside Higher Ed features a report on the brouhaha caused by a special disclaimer that three regular editors of Synthese (a journal focusing on the philosophy of science) slapped on the print edition of a recent guest-edited issue titled … Continue reading

The April 3, 2011, issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education includes a profile of Will Kaufman’s new book Woody Guthrie, American Radical. “Yes, there have been two major biographies—Joe Klein’s Woody Guthrie and Ed Cray’s Ramblin’ Man—that have included the … Continue reading

Today’s Inside Higher Ed features an interesting article about a new study that has raised doubts about the so-called “citation advantage” for scholars publishing in open-access journals as opposed to subscription-based journals. The question of “Does online access boost citations?” … Continue reading

Late last week, several media news outlets, including the Chicago Tribune and NPR, reported on the impending retirement of University of Illinois at Chicago professor William Ayers. Most of the news snippets made note of his controversial past as co-founder … Continue reading