August Free Ebook Giveaway: The Enforcers

August’s free ebook is here! We’re giving away The Enforcers: How Little-known Trade Reporters Exposed The Keating Five and Advanced Business Journalism by Rob Wells!

Charles H. Keating had long used the courts to muzzle critical reporting of his business dealings, but aggressive reporting by a small trade paper called the National Thrift News helped bring down Keating and offered an inspiring example of business journalism that speaks truth to power. Rob Wells tells the story through the work of Stan Strachan, a veteran financial journalist who uncovered Keating’s misdeeds and links to a group of US senators—the Keating Five—who bullied regulators on his behalf. Examining the National Thrift News‘s approach, Wells calls for a new era of business reporting that can and must embrace its potential as a watchdog safeguarding the interests of the public.

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