Autism and Gender honored by the Rhetoric Society of America

jack1Congratulations to Jordynn Jack, who received the 2015 RSA Book Award from the Rhetoric Society of America (RSA) for Autism and Gender: From Refrigerator Mothers to Computer Geeks.

In Autism and Gender, Jack offers new insights into the ways rhetorical inquiry can and does contribute to conversations about gender and disability. In the book Jack analyizes how people employ highly gendered theories to craft rhetorical narratives around stock characters such as “fix-it dads” and “heroic mother warriors” that advocate for ends beyond the story itself while also allowing the storyteller to gain authority, understand the disorder, and take part in debates.

The RSA Book Award is given to the best work in rhetorical study for the year. The author received the award at the RSA Summer Institute in Madison in early June.

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