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Last week, Physorg presented details about a breakthrough at our very own Research I university here in Urbana-Champaign: a ball-point pen that can draw working circuits on standard paper. What’s more, the paper can be folded hundreds of times with … Continue reading

  Last week, Lisa Bayer passed along a link to a Chronicle of Higher Education article by Tushar Rae about the issue of citation standards for e-books: since e-text reflows based on a user’s preference settings, what’s the best way … Continue reading

My favorite story of the last couple of weeks is about Watson, the I.B.M. supercomputer who’s been working out on pro-grade Jeopardy players in real-time test matches. The idea is to fine tune him for a series of televised matches … Continue reading

Mammoth had a piece last week about the intersection between book design and architecture in the form of the Large Higgs Field Galactic Archive. Less a library than a holographic depiction of everything in the galaxy ever, the LHFGA is … Continue reading

I recently came across an item from the University of Padova in Italy: a collection of 56 wooden books about trees. Rather than pages, each book contains physical evidence of the tree from which its wooden cover was made as … Continue reading