Chicago is ‘undoubtedly the most corrupt city in our nation’

In recent history 4 governors and 33 Chicago aldermen have been jailed in Illinois.

No wonder the authors of Corrupt Illinois, Patronage, Cronyism, and Criminality make the dire claims as they┬árecently did on Chicago’s WTTW-TV.

“Chicago is the most corrupt city in the nation,” author Dick Simpson told host Carol Marin on Chicago Tonight. “Every time we convict someone for corruption it’s a good idea. But that just takes care of the rotten apple. We have a rotten apple barrel.”

The authors decry the culture of corruption and offer solutions in Corrupt Illinois. The book offers a history of criminality that extends south of I-80 as well.

It is not all #1 Chicago, however dragging the state down. “Illinois is only the third most corrupt state in the nation,” Simpson says. “It’s not a good position. We should be ashamed at being number three in the nation in corruption.”

Read an excerpt of Corrupt Illinois here.

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