Dissident Feminisms New Series Editor: Elora Halim Chowdhury

ChowdhuryF16By Dawn Durante, Acquisitions Editor

The University of Illinois Press is pleased to share the news that Elora Halim Chowdhury is the new editor of the Dissident Feminisms series. Dr. Chowdhury is Associate Professor and Chair of Women’s and Gender Studies at University of Massachusetts Boston. She is the author of Transnationalism Reversed: Women Organizing Against Gendered Violence in Bangladesh, which received the 2012 Gloria E. Anzaldúa Book Prize from the National Women’s Study Association. She serves on the editorial or advisory boards of Studies in South Asian Film and Media, Journal of Feminist Scholarship, Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, and the Bangladesh Development Initiative.

Dr. Chowdhury is also a coeditor of the next book that will be published in the Dissident Feminisms series, titled Dissident Friendships: Feminism, Imperialism, and Transnational Solidarity (forthcoming October 2016). Edited with Liz Philipose, this collection expresses the different ways women forge hospitality in deference to or defiance of the structures meant to keep them apart. Emerging out of postcolonial theory, the works discuss instances when the authors have negotiated friendship’s complicated, conflicted, and contradictory terrain; offer fresh perspectives on feminists’ invested, reluctant, and selective uses of the nation; reflect on how the arts contribute to conversations about feminism, dissent, resistance, and solidarity; and unpack the details of transnational dissident friendships.

Elora Halim Chowdhury
Elora Halim Chowdhury

Established in 2011, Dissident Feminisms seeks new feminist writing that traverses the fault lines of epistemology and power, particularly the relationship between social action, activism and theory. Featuring work by scholar-activists with critical and praxis-oriented methods, this interdisciplinary series seeks to intervene in conversations of critical import in a number of fields. Books in the series engage with the enduring, intractable problems of our time: racisms; genocides; war and occupation; heteronormative, communitarian and state violence; militarism; and struggles for livelihood and basic human rights. For a full list of books in the series, please visit the series webpage.

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