Finding One’s Space in DH

Yesterday Lee Bessette posted about the benefits and pitfalls of doing and defining digital humanities (DH) in Inside Higher Ed’s Blog U: College Ready Writing, “Why I Support an Open Definition of DH“:

“This is why I think the big tent, or as I call it, the DH collective, is so important. We need people who can do all kinds of different things (innovate, built, create, critique, tweak, and disseminate, among other things). I think anyone who is interested in DH should be welcome into the collective and then be permitted to find their space and their community (or form their own) within the collective. Excluding people because they don’t do x or y recreates the pattern of academia as it stand right now. We might never change what it means to be a humanist, but we can change how higher education operates. That, to me, is the biggest promise DH holds.”

If you would like to know more about Topics in Digital Humanites, we have a series for that.

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