Ghost Stories for Darwin awarded Fleck Prize

SubramaniamF14Banu Subramaniam is the winner of the 2016 Ludwik Fleck prize for her book Ghost Stories for Darwin: The Science of Variation and the Politics of Diversity.

The Fleck Prize is the oldest 4S book prize awarded to an outstanding book across the breadth of science and technology studies.

Accepting the prize Subramaniam stated:

I am thrilled and deeply honored to receive the Fleck prize for scholarship in STS. The book, Ghost Stories for Darwin is a deeply personal and intellectual project making a case for the critical need to understand the co-constitution of gender, race, sexuality, and nation, and their co-production with and through the institutions and histories of science and feminism. It makes a passionate case for an interdisciplinary vision of experimental biology informed by the social studies of science. I am deeply indebted to the leadership and to the members of 4S for their capacious sense of community, and welcoming those of us not formally trained in STS as valued members of the community. My thanks to the many friends and colleagues who have supported, and sustained my interdisciplinary work in an otherwise disciplined academy. My thanks to members of the Fleck Prize Committee for the enormous amount of work that prize committees take. Thanks also to the leadership of 4S for supporting and pushing the boundaries of interdisciplinary work in STS.

Ghost Stories for Darwin was also named a Choice Outstanding Academic Title of 2015.


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