Global Media and Information Literacy Week Reading List

“Global Media and Information Literacy Week, commemorated annually, is a major occasion for mobilizing worldwide stakeholders to raise awareness in order to increase national take-up and celebrate the progress achieved towards Media and Information Literacy for All – underlining the importance of this Global Week.” [source: UNESCO]

Communications in Turkey and the Ottoman Empire: A Critical History

By Burçe Çelik

Ambitious and comprehensive, Communications in Turkey and the Ottoman Empire merges political economy with social history to challenge Western-centered assumptions about the origins and development of modern communications.

Playful Protest: The Political Work of Joy in Latinx Media

By Kristie Soares

Daring and original, Playful Protest examines how Latinx creators resist the idea that joy only exists outside politics and activist struggle.

Free to Hate: How Media Liberalization Enabled Right-Wing Populism in Post-1989 Bulgaria

By Martin Marinos

A timely and innovative analysis, Free to Hate reveals where structural changes in media intersect with right-wing populism.

Media Backends: Digital Infrastructures and Sociotechnical Relations

Edited by Lisa Parks, Julia Velkova, and Sander de Ridder

A fascinating foray into an expanding landscape of media studies, Media Backends illuminates the behind-the-screen processes influencing our digital lives. 

Hedged: How Private Investment Funds Helped Destroy American Newspapers and Undermine Democracy

By Margot Susca

Margot Susca reveals the little-known history of how private investment took over the newspaper industry.

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