How will the Kindle change MY family’s reading habits?

Jacob Weisberg wrote a column in Slate this week titled “Book End: How the Kindle will change the world.” I continue to think about how my family would incorporate a Kindle.  First, my wife who reads the most in our family (3-5 books a week, 15-20 monthly magazine subscriptions) always says, “I sit in front of a computer all day. The last thing I want to do when I get home is look at a computer screen.” She’ll be hard to convince. Plus, most of the books that she reads are checked out for free from our local public library. It will be difficult to find $30-50 a week to download new titles (Kindle users, feel free to step in and explain what I might be missing in rental possibilities and the current pricing structure).

Also, we’re a one computer family. Our microwave is used more as a timer for the current user’s screen time than it is to cook food. I can’t see passing one Kindle around among the five of us and I can’t see purchasing 5 Kindles.

I’m sure that there is some middle ground, I just can’t visualize it yet in our household.

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