E-book pirates, that is.  NPR’s All Things Considered reports on e-book piracy and publishers’ efforts to use digital rights management (or “DRM” if you’re hip) to protect their titles against digital piracy.  Usually this means restricting use of the e-book to only the device you used to download the file — so, just like the salad bar at your favorite family steakhouse: No Sharing.  If you want to borrow someone else’s e-book and it has DRM, you’ll have to borrow their entire Kindle or laptop or whatever.

Naturally, this situation does present some drawbacks:

DRM could become a problem if the Kindle goes bust — then all those people who bought Kindle eBooks with DRM will have no way to read them because no other device can open the files.

Anyone still have their old Betamax tapes and HD DVD discs?

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