Huffington Post and The Rumpus examine Denise Levertov

Nearly sixteen years past her death, poet Denise Levertov’s work and life continue to fascinate. 

Dana Greene’s biography of the poet, Denise Levertov: A Poet’s Life has gained new acclaim with reviews on two prominent websites.

Carl McColman writes on The Huffington Post, “What emerges from Dana Greene’s biography is a picture of a woman in love with language, passionate about art, confident in her values and politics, and willing to grapple with both the challenge and the splendor of religious mystery.”

On The Rumpus, Barbara Berman writes the book is “An excellent attempt to shed light on the mystery of a hugely gifted, complicated poet who was almost always actively engaged with political, social, religious and literary issues of the day, and with a past that shaped the lives of her Welsh and Jewish forebears.”


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