Introducing 3 Fields Books

The University of Illinois Press is pleased to announce the launch of our new regional trade imprint, 3 Fields Books. Dedicated to titles about the Prairie State and Midwest, 3 Fields Books evokes a landscape of endless vistas that inspire reflection and the three campuses of the University of Illinois. These books explore the culture, place, and people around us while contributing to conversations that connect the campuses, state, and region with the broader world. Those of us who live here experience an amazing wealth of regional history, food, and travel. With 3 Fields Books, we tell the human stories behind the music, arts, natural history, technological experimentation, religious diversity, and progressive thought that define Illinois and the Midwest. These books continue the longstanding commitment to regional voices that make the University of Illinois Press a cultural pillar of our diverse and vibrant region.

“From our first book in 1918, the University of Illinois Press has been publishing regional titles,” said editor-in-chief, Daniel Nasset. “With 3 Fields Books, we hope to enhance our regional trade publishing program and provide readers new ways to transcend their knowledge and explore our state and region.”

Exploring the Land of Lincoln: The Essential Guide to Illinois Historic Sites by Charles Titus marks the debut of the imprint in February 2021. A one-of-a-kind travel guide, Exploring the Land of Lincoln invites road-trippers and history buffs to explore the Prairie State’s most extraordinary historic sites. Forthcoming books in the imprint will include Graceland Cemetery: Stories, Symbols and Secrets from the Famous to the Forgotten by Adam Selzer, and Destination Heartland: A Guide to Discovering the Midwest’s Remarkable Past by Cynthia Clampitt.

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