Jane Bernstein on Sarah Palin

Cover for Bernstein: Rachel in the World: A Memoir. Click for larger imageJane Bernstein, author of Rachel in the World: A Memoir, posted Sarah Palin: No Friend to Children and Adults with Disabilities on the Beacon Broadside blog.

“Sarah Palin loves Trig. She is celebrated for making the choice to have this baby, seen as courageous and noble. Already I have read of another young woman, encouraged by Palin’s example, who made that same choice. I would like to celebrate their decision the same way I would like to be heartened by Palin’s words, because I believe that disability is part of life. What Palin and her supporters fail to understand is that babyhood passes in an instant. If Palin truly believes that ‘every baby… has potential,’ she needs to spread the word that in a democracy, we care for those who need support.”

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