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Jane Bernstein, author of the UIP books Loving Rachel and Rachel in the World, has a new essay on Vice about her daughter Rachel’s job. As in both her acclaimed memoirs, Bernstein pulls no punches. Proud of Rachel, Bernstein nonetheless faces anxiety, uncertainty, … Continue reading

Jane Bernstein, author of Rachel in the World: A Memoir, posted Sarah Palin: No Friend to Children and Adults with Disabilities on the Beacon Broadside blog. “Sarah Palin loves Trig. She is celebrated for making the choice to have this baby, seen … Continue reading

Sandra Tsing Loh includes Jane Bernstein’s Rachel in the World in her Notable Reader roundup for Barnes & Noble Review. “One of the most extraordinary, awful, funny, candid, heart-rending, brave books about motherhood I’ve ever read.”

NPR’s The Story with Dick Gordon will air an interview today with University of Illinois Press author Jane Bernstein about her book Rachel in the World: A Memoir.  The program originates on North Carolina Public Radio – WUNC and can be heard … Continue reading

  Michael Berryhill praises Jane Bernstein’s Rachel in the World: A Memoir in the Houston Chronicle: “I am not entirely sure how someone who is not raising a mentally retarded child will take this book. But as a parent who is, I … Continue reading

Woke up at 6 AM to drive across Pennsylvania, a state that has come to seem endlessly long. I arrived an hour early and found the bookstore from my itinerary in a strip mall anchored by K-Mart. The store itself was between … Continue reading

I try to be realistic about bookstore appearances in places where I don’t have friends and family to fill up the chairs and hope that someone shows up;­ maybe even a half-dozen people. A dozen would be fabulous. Thinking small gives me … Continue reading

The November 11, 2007, issue of the Washington Post contains a review of Jane Bernstein’s Rachel in the World: A Memoir. “The book makes it clear that we, as a society, are not set up to help people like her … Continue reading

The October 7, 2007, issue of The New York Times Magazine featured a “Lives” essay by Jane Bernstein that was adapted from her new book Rachel in the World. V approves.

Jane Bernstein’s new book Rachel in the World: A Memoir received a favorable review in the September 30th issue of her hometown daily, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Jane will be discussing Rachel in the World and her previous memoir, Loving Rachel: … Continue reading