Jim Rooney: on the road and In It for the Long Run

In 2009 Jim Rooney received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Americana Music Association. In his new book In It for the Long Run Rooney recounts a lifetime’s worth of musical adventures.

In support of his memoir, the singer and songwriter embarked on a musical storytelling tour of some of his most familiar haunts including Nashville, Boston and Woodstock, with a couple of stops in Ireland included for good measure.

Along the way Rooney has chatted with a number of newspapers and radio stations about working alongside and befriending the likes of Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, John Prine and countless others.

The Tennessean: “Rooney has always been a character actor, an associate. But he’s not a character actor, he’s a character. And he’s not an associate, he’s a catalyst. He’s a person who fosters creativity, and he does so as a producer, a songwriter, a musician and a documentarian.”

The Nashville Scene: “In his entertaining new autobiography, Jim Rooney recalls his fascinating behind-the-scenes career.”

The Woodstock Times: “Jim Rooney’s journey through American music has taken him from low down barrooms to fine halls and grand stages throughout the world.”

Rooney will continue to perform and tell stories from In It for the Long Run with additional stops in the month of May.


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