Journal of American Folklore publishes 500th issue

This spring, the Journal of American Folklore publishes its monumental 500th issue. As the official journal of the American Folklore Society, JAF has been published continually since the Society’s founding in 1888. That’s a very impressive 125 years! In their introduction to the 500th issue (available from JSTOR), editors Thomas A. DuBois and James P. Leary write:

Any field, any journal, ought to pause to savor such a moment: reaching 500 is no small feat, and represents in fact the combined effort of a vast number of folklorists, past and present, male and female. And folklorists do like to pause, call it an occupational hazard: the product of training that reminds us to view the present always with a cognizance of the past, and often with a level of discomfort at the changes we see around us. So readers of JAF might well expect that issue 500 would take note of its number, and they will not be disappointed on that score.