New Journals Pilot Program: The Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries

The University of Illinois Press (UIP) is proud to announce a partnership with the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois (CARLI) to provide access to more than 40 scholarly journals in the humanities and social sciences. The initiative, funded by the University of Illinois System, Office of the Executive Vice President/Vice President for Academic Affairs, ensures that all CARLI libraries will have access to electronic formats of all UIP journals for the five-year period of the pilot. This initiative grants nearly 3,000 library subscriptions to complete coverage of UIP journals throughout the CARLI system. 

“Our members have expressed particular interest in UIP content,” said Anne Craig, senior director of CARLI. “This initiative will expand access beyond the libraries currently subscribing to UIP journals to serve the full range of research and academic libraries in the state, including community colleges and smaller academic libraries.”  

CARLI member libraries serve over 90% of Illinois higher education students, faculty members and staff. CARLI counts among its 128 members all 12 public universities; 67 private colleges and universities; all 39 Illinois community colleges; and nine special research libraries including the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, the Illinois State Library and the Newberry Library. 

Field-defining journal titles such as the American Journal of Psychology and American Music are among the publications that will be available July 2023-June 2028 at no cost to member libraries. Several of the 40+ journals in this agreement were previously not part of any CARLI libraries’ collections. These journals that will now be accessible include American Literary Realism; Italian American Review; Jazz and Culture; Journal of Animal Ethics; Diasporic Italy: Journal of the Italian American Studies Association; Journal of Civil and Human Rights; Journal of English and Germanic Philology; Public Affairs Quarterly; and Women, Gender, and Families of Color. This agreement also includes UIP’s newest journal, Italica, as well as any new journals that join UIP during the pilot period. 

UIP Journals Manager Clydette Wantland noted, “Our 43 humanities and social science journals offer approachable, thought-provoking content on a range of subjects from music to philosophy, history to archaeology. This partnership significantly extends the reach and impact of our journals publications by providing these intellectual and academic resources to new audiences and users across the state of Illinois.” 

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