Prof. Pradeep Dhillon discusses philosophies and practices of Sikhism

Professor Pradeep Dhillon, editor of our Journal of Aesthetic Education, sat down with the Illini News Bureau to discuss cultural aspects of Sikhism. In light of the August 5 tragedy at a Sikh temple near Milwaukee, Dhillon, who is a Sikh, discussed many of the cultural practices of Sikhism, as well as some of the misconceptions about the world’s fifth largest religion:

Sikh practice emphasizes reading and meditating on the teachings of the gurus, service to those around us, and sharing our blessings with others. One of the interesting practices with regards to the emphasis on social equality is that following a Sikh religious service a community meal is typically prepared by volunteers and then shared. Everyone, regardless of belief, social status, or gender, eats together. This is particularly significant within the Indian context where taboos around food play an important social role.

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