Sci Fi Friday: “I’m not a Science Fiction writer”

SmithF12John Brunner wrote about robots, space exploration, far-off planets and technology that ws yet to exist. In 1968, his Stand on Zanzibar won the Hugo award for best science fiction novel.

He didn’t like the “sci-fi” label, though.

“For me the label ‘Science Fiction’ is merely a bookseller’s convenience. It tells the guy who runs the store on which particular shelf he should put this particular book,” Brunner says in the vintage video below.

“I’m not a Science Fiction writer,” Brunner declared. “I’m a writer.”

Jad Smith’s Modern Masters of Science Fiction series title John Brunner shines a light on the innovative work of the man who wrote The Jagged Orbit, The Shockwave Rider and dozens of other novels and stories. If that work that is contained by any genre is up to readers to decide.

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