New in paperback: two titles examine Civil War era secrets

Two UIP titles are available in paperback editions today.

A Secret Society History of the Civil War

A Secret Society History of the Civil War

Were the forces that drove the United States to civil war prompted by secret organizations such as theĀ Brotherhood of the Union?

Mark A. Lause’s research indicates that in the years leading up to the Civil War, clandestine organizations exacerbated existing sectional tensions in the United States. Lause makes the case that the pervasive influence of secret societies may have played a part in key events such as the Freesoil movement, the beginning of the Republican party, John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry, Lincoln’s election, and the Southern secession process of 1860-1861.



Sex, Sickness, and Slavery

Sex, Sickness, & SlaveryThrough an examination of medical journals, diaries, daybooks, letters and other sources, Sex, Sickness, and Slavery: Illness in the Antebellum South reveals how Southern physicians’ scientific training and practice uniquely entitled them to formulate medical justification for the imbalanced racial hierarchies of the period.

Challenged with both helping to preserve the slave system (by acknowledging and preserving clear distinctions of race and sex) and enhancing their own authority (with correct medical diagnoses and effective treatment), doctors sought to understand bodies that did not necessarily fit into neat dichotomies or agree with suggested treatments.

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