Spring 2010 APQ

The April issue of American Philosophical Quarterly ships this week, and as usual the contents list is top shelf:

Clare Batty: “Scents and Sensibilia”
Andrew Cullison: “Two Solutions to the Problem of Divine Hiddenness”
Howard J. Curzer: “An Aristotelian Critique of the Traditional Family”
David K. Chan: “Reasoning without Comparing”
Mary Clayton Coleman: “Could There Be a Power World?”
Robin Le Poidevin: “Time without Change (In Three Steps)”
Kristie Miller: “On Contingently Error-theoretic Concepts”
Andrea Iacona: “Truth Preservation in Any Context”

In related news, the University of Pittsburgh recently announced the establishment of the Nicholas Rescher Prize for Contributions to Systematic Philosophy, a $25,000 biennial award named in honor of APQ‘s founder and executive editor. Congratulations, Dr. Rescher!

Link to the APQ page.
Link to the Pittsburgh press release.

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