“Uncle Honey” a family affair

GuebertS15Thousands of newspaper readers across North America are familiar with Alan Guebert’s family members.

Since 1993, along with the agribusiness issues of the day, Guebert has sprinkled family memories into his syndicated column “The Farm and Food File.” The most colorful member of Guebert’s cast of real-life characters is arguably his Uncle Honey.

The Guebert family farm was often a scene of mayhem at the hands of Alan’sĀ great uncle, who came by the moniker “Honey” due to an enduring sweet nature. He was nonetheless a bit destructive. Although Uncle Honey was a placid man, he took out his share of fence posts with machinery and never found a problem he didn’t think could be solved by gasoline and matches.

Alan Guebert’s recollections of life on the southern Illinois dairy farm of his youth are captured in The Land of Milk and Uncle Honey.

Uncle Honey may never had made it into the pages of a book were it not for Guebert’s co-author, editor, and daughter, Mary Grace Foxwell.

As Guebert has been quick to point out at the multiple book events and talks he conducted throughout the year, without “Gracie,” there would be no book at all. Not only did Gracie Foxwell round up and edit the best recollections from the “The Farm and Food File” archives, but she has been an industrious and enthusiastic advocate for The Land of Milk and Uncle Honey since the book’s release. Gracie had a hand in 60 events set up to spread the gospel of Uncle Honey in 2015.

Below, see Gracie talk about the book, working with her dad, and the family legacy on WISC-TV in Madison, Wisconsin.



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