University Press Week: A book community

University presses, as a rule, pay a lot of attention to their communities. That may take the form of publishing titles on their regions, or their own schools. No end of UP books go into organizing—for women, minority groups, labor, the environment, academic freedom, and dozens of other causes. Often the authors of these books live the struggle, as they used to say in the old days. They get out, get into it, and get involved.

University Press Week chose community as its theme, and a look around any UP web catalog makes it clear why. A number of presses have contributed to a gallery of books that highlight how scholarly publishing and community go hand in hand. But the gallery, for all the fascinating books it includes, really just provides an at-a-glance sampler of the community-oriented books out there. State, city, and school—if you want to know more about where you put down your feet every morning, or where you tramp to in the course of the way, the neighborhood university press is a good first stop on your tour.