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This post is part of the University Press Week blog tour. Today’s theme is How to Practice Compassion. Learn more about University Press Week here and look for other posts in the blog tour today from University of Washington Press, … Continue reading

Back before the Internet or Oprah, people relied on comic books and pulp magazines for self-improvement. Charles Atlas challenged generations of boys and girls to get buff and deal with that bully who kicked sand in his/her face. Ads in … Continue reading

Question: Is it possible to be taken seriously as a scholarly writer if you use exclamation points? Less snooty than the semicolon, less trendy than the hashmark, the exclamation point labors in the disreputable quarters of the written word: romance … Continue reading

University presses, as a rule, pay a lot of attention to their communities. That may take the form of publishing titles on their regions, or their own schools. No end of UP books go into organizing—for women, minority groups, labor, … Continue reading

Yesterday, as part of our #ReadUP campaign celebrating University Press Week, a Justice League of academic publishing and book industry pros hosted a live YouTube webinar on various aspects of the U Press experience. Moderated by Fredric Nachbaur, director at Fordham … Continue reading

Which came first, the cave painting or the story behind the images? Even anthropologists wonder. Storytelling is at least a contender for Second Human Art, cooking being the agreed-upon first, not that inadequately-cooked mammoth stuffed with termites would make the cover of Everyday … Continue reading

It may be National Split Pea Soup Week, but it is time to put the green mash aside and get on the good foot. What foot? University Press Week, 2015, the boldest and ice coldest UPW of them all. UPs around the world … Continue reading