University Press Week: When does UIP #SpeakUP? — Educating the Community 

It’s the 2023 University Press Week and this year’s theme is #SpeakUP, focused on amplifying university press work that gives voice to influential scholarship, advocates for social change, and provides new points of view. University presses and their authors publish a diverse and exciting array of research through a variety of publications and platforms.  

This week, we’re highlighting exciting content, projects, and initiatives from our journals and books departments that allow our authors to #SpeakUP. Make sure to check out our other posts for the week, as well as the other posts in the UP Week blog tour and browse the #SpeakUP gallery here

UIP’s bi-annual Publishing Symposium is being held today. Check out a panel from last year — Dissertation to Book: Success Stories and Strategies from the Field.

What goes into transforming a successful dissertation into a successful book? In this panel, three authors share their stories and their strategies for building on the dissertation toward book publication. Panelists will describe how they reconceptualized and repurposed the dissertation, often through new research, an expanded scope, new governing arguments, and/or significant restructuring. They will share how they navigated the peer review and revision process, and how the project evolved in the course of that process. They will also share tips, advice, and lessons learned.

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