Workers in Hard Times awarded by ILHA

FinkS14The International Labor History Association (ILHA) has announced that Workers in Hard Times, edited by Leon Fink, Joseph McCartin, and Joan Sangster has been awarded as the ILHA Book of the Year for 2014.

In announcing the awards, the ILHA editor Ronald C. Kent stated:

The volume, represents a cogent contribution to labor history with lessons drawn from past and present worker struggles….particularly revealing are essays by Gaetan Heroux and Bryan Palmer on Toronto labor; David Montgomery on workers’ responses to depressions; Melanie Nolan on worker resistance in the antipodean state; and Lu Zhang on recent Chinese auto worker strikes.

Past award-wining authors include Mildred Beik, Joel Beinin, Carolyn Brown, Dana Frank, James Green, Darryl Holter, Tera Hunter, Peter Linebaugh, Zachary Lockman, Elizabeth Perry, and Marcus Rediker. Books recognized contribute new and engaging research on labor history matters.


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