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Do you believe books have the power to change the world? We do. For the past century, the University of Illinois Press has established itself as a leading publisher in U.S. history and culture. And now, by becoming a Friend of the Press, you can help ensure our work continues into another century.

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In our books and journals, we strive to be a force for positive social change by guiding the scholarly conversation and amplifying its reach to a broader audience. By becoming a Friend of the Press, you will help us provide a platform for exceptional, reliable scholarship that continues to shape the urgent conversations of our time. Many of our pioneering series emphasize neglected voices, such as in African American history, women's history, U.S. music, sports history, working-class history, and immigration history. A perfect recent example is Illegal: Reflections of an Undocumented Immigrant, the memoir of a Chicago resident and a story of the triumph of education over adversity. The book has received high-profile media coverage, has been adopted by several college read programs, and will soon be offered by UI Press in a Spanish translation.

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Your donations will keep important books and journals as affordable and accessible as possible for their intended audiences—scholars, students, libraries, and the public. As a non-profit publisher, UI Press receives modest support from the university but is 85% self-supported. Your gift will help us meet the costs of publishing both specialized scholarship and attractive regional books. Your support will also help fund other like opportunities for young professionals to gain valuable experience in the publishing industry.