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Jan Švankmajer

Keith Leslie Johnson

Replays, Rivalries, and Rumbles

The Most Iconic Moments in American Sports

Edited by Steven Gietschier

Kelly Reichardt

Katherine Fusco and Nicole Seymour

New Italian Migrations to the United States

Vol. 2: Art and Culture since 1945

Edited by Laura E. Ruberto and Joseph Sciorra

The Chicago Food Encyclopedia

Edited by Carol Mighton Haddix, Bruce Kraig, and Colleen Taylor Sen

Bach Perspectives, Volume 11

J. S. Bach and His Sons

Edited by Mary Oleskiewicz

Across the Waves

How the United States and France Shaped the International Age of Radio

Derek W. Vaillant

Beauty's Rigor

Patterns of Production in the Work of Pier Luigi Nervi

Thomas Leslie

J. G. Ballard

D. Harlan Wilson

Jazz Internationalism

Literary Afro-Modernism and the Cultural Politics of Black Music

John Lowney

Storytelling in Siberia

The Olonkho Epic in a Changing World

Robin P. Harris

The Work of Mothering

Globalization and the Filipino Diaspora

Harrod J. Suarez

American Oligarchy

The Permanent Political Class

Ron Formisano

Becoming Refugee American

The Politics of Rescue in Little Saigon

Phuong Tran Nguyen

Marching Dykes, Liberated Sluts, and Concerned Mothers

Women Transforming Public Space

Elizabeth Currans

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