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The Gold in the Rings

The People and Events That Transformed the Olympic Games

Stephen R. Wenn and Robert K. Barney

The Cashaway Psalmody

Transatlantic Religion and Music in Colonial Carolina

Stephen A. Marini

Pacific Apostle

The 1920-21 Diary of David O. McKay in the Latter-day Saint Island Missions

David O. McKay Edited by Reid L. Neilson and Carson V. Teuscher

Reimagining Liberation

How Black Women Transformed Citizenship in the French Empire

Annette K. Joseph-Gabriel

A Guru’s Journey

Pandit Chitresh Das and Indian Classical Dance in Diaspora

Sarah Morelli

Unsettled Scores

Politics, Hollywood, and the Film Music of Aaron Copland and Hanns Eisler

Sally Bick

Owen Lovejoy and the Coalition for Equality

Clergy, African Americans, and Women United for Abolition

Jane Ann Moore and William F. Moore

Emotional Bodies

The Historical Performativity of Emotions

Edited by Dolores Martín-Moruno and Beatriz Pichel

Blues Before Sunrise 2

Interviews from the Chicago Scene

Steve Cushing

Hot Feet and Social Change

African Dance and Diaspora Communities

Edited by Kariamu Welsh, Esailama G. A. Diouf, and Yvonne Daniel

100 Years of Women's Suffrage

A University of Illinois Press Anthology

Compiled by Dawn Durante

The Enforcers

How Little-Known Trade Reporters Exposed the Keating Five and Advanced Business Journalism

Rob Wells

Palestine on the Air

Karma R. Chavez

On Trend

The Business of Forecasting the Future

Devon Powers

Blues Legacy

Tradition and Innovation in Chicago

David Whiteis

Traveling with Service Animals

By Air, Road, Rail, and Ship across North America

Henry Kisor and Christine Goodier

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Remembering Dr. Bruno Nettl

We are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Dr. Bruno Nettl, beloved author, editor, colleague, and friend. Bruno cofounded the Society for Ethnomusicology, serving as its president (1969-1971) and serving an unparalleled two terms (1962-1966 and 1999-2002) as … Continue reading

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Slavery at Sea by Sowande’ Mustakeem Awarded Dred Scott Freedom Award

We are pleased to announce that Slavery at Sea: Terror, Sex, and Sickness in the Middle Passage by Sowande’ M. Mustakeem has won the Dred Scott Freedom Award in the category Historical Literary Excellence from the Dred Scott Heritage Foundation. The award … Continue reading

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Q&A with Annette K. Joseph-Gabriel, author of Reimagining Liberation

Annette K. Joseph-Gabriel is an assistant professor of French at the University of Michigan. She recently answered some questions about her book, Reimagining Liberation: How Black Women Transformed Citizenship in the French Empire. Q: Why did you decide to write this book? … Continue reading

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