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“Judy McCulloh encouraged my work on country music when I was a graduate student at Illinois in the early 1980s. It meant so much to have her support at a time when few scholars took country music seriously. I am glad to be able to honor her legacy.”
- Joli Jensen, Professor Emerita of Media Studies, University of Tulsa
“I have so much respect for Judy McCulloh and her work at U of I Press, along with gratitude for the personal assistance she provided when I was preparing my own manuscript.”
- Michael F. Scully, Ph.D. American Studies, University of Texas at Austin, and author of The Never-Ending Revival: Rounder Records and the Folk Alliance (University of Illinois Press, 2008)
“Judy invited me and offered constant encouragement to write what turned out to be my first book, Bluegrass Breakdown, published in the Music in American Life series and she introduced me to the discipline of Folklore.”
- Robert S. Cantwell, author of author of Bluegrass Breakdown: The Making of the Old Southern Sound (University of Illinois Press, 2003)
“The press has given so many opportunities to emerging scholars, Judy McCulloh and Laurie Matheson have been so great to work with, and Bruno Nettl is such a nice person and supportive senior scholar that I'm happy to contribute.”
- – Helen Rees, Professor of Ethnomusicology and Director of the World Music Center, University of California, Los Angeles, and editor of Lives in Chinese Music (University of Illinois Press, 2009)
“Bruno Nettl was a great supporter of my early career and is an inspirational colleague and leader our field.”
- Anne Rasmussen, Professor of Music and Ethnomusicology, William & Mary
“I met Bruno when I was a junior in college. He was my music librarian. He became a mentor AND HE WON’T STOP BEING ONE. Forever grateful.”
- Arthur Lieb, Retired Executive, Library of Congress
“Bruno is my rock. I still go back to him all the time when I need to be set straight about music, remember the many sides of an issue, or just reacquaint myself with what is fundamental.”
- Michael Tenzer, Professor of Music, University of British Columbia
“Bruno Nettl has been a cherished mentor throughout my career; I would like to honor him and help young scholars.”
- Anna Schultz, Associate Professor of Music and the Humanities, University of Chicago
“We believe supporting the University of Illinois Press in its commitment to excellence, diversity, and equality.”
- Gayle Magee, Professor, School of Music, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Jeffery Magee, Professor, School of Music, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
“My contribution to the Darlene Clark Hine Black History Endowment is meant to honor Darlene for her example in the profession and especially for Black women scholars. It is also to recognize the wonderful work UIP has initiated through the years in the field of Black history.”
- Margaret Washington, award-winning author of Sojourner Truth’s America
“TThe ‘Round the Press internship certainly offered me the valuable insight into the needs and duties of an academic press that I expected it would, but it also granted more experiential and tangible takeaways that I couldn’t anticipate. The whole experience was wonderfully hands-on, and I feel as though I’ve been granted special access to a network of thoughtful professionals.”
- Annah Freudenburg, ’Round the Press intern, Spring 2023
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The Darlene Clark Hine Black History Endowment

The mission of the Darlene Clark Hine Black History Endowment is to continue the legacy of Dr. Hine’s commitment to mentorship and scholarship by supporting authors and publications in African American history and Black studies. This endowment honors the extraordinary work and legacy of Dr. Hine, an award-winning author and a coeditor of the Press’s influential The New Black Studies Series. Dr. Hine was inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2006 and received a 2014 National Humanities Medal for her contributions in Black Women’s History and her pioneering study of the intersection of race, class, and gender.
The endowment provides direct grants to authors whose books in Black history and Black studies are in preparation and under contract with the University of Illinois Press (UIP). Interest from the endowment will also be used to offset a portion of production costs so that books in Black history can be priced accessibly for scholars and students. Contributions to this endowment will support the Press’s premier Black history list, which for half a century has expanded and enriched the field of Black history and helped to build a greater understanding of the African American experience in its myriad dimensions.

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Donor Dollars in Action

We can’t thank our donors enough for making it possible to achieve our mission of supporting the sustainable publication of new scholarship. Multiple books have been published more affordably thanks to these endowments.

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