2024 Journals Q1 UPdate

Welcome to a new year, filled with new volumes and issues of your favorite University of Illinois Press journals! The first piece of exciting news is that we have three redesigned journal covers to showcase this year—with the first two debuted later in this post. Read on for all the journals news of January–March 2024.

Special Issues

  • Sport in a Populist Age” edited by Tom Fabian, David L. Andrews, and Bryan C. Clift. Journal of Sport History Volume 50, Number 2.  

Sport provides a meeting point for the populist right-wing union of ethnonationalism, authoritarianism, and populism exemplified by former President Donald J. Trump but present at many times in many nations. The guest editors curate articles that explore the socio-historical forces behind the relationships that link sport and populist politics with each other and physical culture. 

This issue features a special section guest edited by Kirk Sanders. It brings together scholars and specialists in ancient philosophy, focused upon the theme of Socrates, Socratics, and Sophists. Contributors’ contrasting philosophical lenses add depth to the conversations and questions these works produce surrounding truth, love, friendship, goodness, shame, and more. 

  • Gender and Nation” edited by Natalie Cornett. The Polish Review Volume 69, Number 1. 

In recent years, new insights have emerged from approaching the idea of the Polish nation through the theoretical framework of gender. This special issue of The Polish Review presents interdisciplinary research on the relationship between nationalism and gender in Poland and the Polish context. 

This special issue delves into questions of common concern regarding the ways the present constructs the past and how we may humanely prepare for the future. The editors curate a collection of articles and salon discussions with participants from international academic, public, and applied spheres. 


January is Utah History Month! This year we celebrated with a podcast bringing together the Utah Historical Society and its official journal, Utah Historical Quarterly, to discuss how they work together in the preservation and promotion of Utah’s rich historical heritage. 

2024 marks the Journal of Mormon History’s fiftieth anniversary volume year. Visit the Scholarly Publishing Collective to read Volume 50, Issue 1, and go to SoundCloud to listen to The UPside podcast episode with the journal’s editor and former editors where we discuss the journal’s history, the fiftieth anniversary forum, and much more.  

Plus, check out the special cover design for Volume 50 that links the journal’s past and future by bringing back Warren Archer’s abstraction of the Salt Lake Seventeenth Ward window that former longtime editor Lavina Fielding Anderson introduced for the Mormon History Association’s 25th anniversary.

As always, you can find the transcripts for our podcast on our blog here: 


Interested in a sneak peek into the physical history of a journal? Read our blog to experience with UIP Production Editor Kate Kemball what it is like to uncover years of history and scholarship of the Journal of English and Germanic Philology.

With the most recent issue of American Music (Vol. 41, Iss. 1), we’re proud to introduce both a new cover and a new editor. Welcome, Nancy Yunhwa Rao! Check out our Q & A with her and outgoing editor Todd Decker to learn about goals and highlights of being editor.

Then, find your next journal article (or book) to read from one of our reading lists: 

Featured Top Articles

What articles have been highly read in our journals during the past three months? We’ve selected just a sample of our journals and their top article from the Scholarly Publishing Collective during the first quarter of 2024. Many of our journals have content on multiple platforms, so this section is just a fun way to see articles that are catching readers’ interest! 

What’s Next UP?

As we teased earlier in the post, a third journal got a brand-new look that will be releasing with a new volume published later this year. Do you have any idea which one? Hint: it’s already changed on our website! 

Did you know that National Classics Week is in April? It’s an annual celebration of the Classics discipline that culminates in the anniversary of the founding of Rome over 2,700 years ago on April 21st.  In honor of the week, we will be highlighting some articles from special issues of Illinois Classical Studies.  

Here’s a little sneak peek: you can access this article for free from April 1 to June 30, 2024! 

Love and Friendship in Plato’s Lysis: A Socratic Account” by Justin Clark 

This article is in a special forum that originated from the Forty-Fifth Annual Ancient Philosophy Workshop. Clark seeks to provide a new interpretation of the Lysis, asserting that it contains a positive Socratic answer about friendship. In order to uncover the positive answer, he claims that we must read Lysis alongside other early dialogues of definition. By reading Lysis alongside Charmides, Clark manages to solve two interpretive problems—the problem of the first friend and the problem of egoism.

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