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A ground-breaking new journal devoted to history as a critical endeavor has been launched by the University of Illinois Press.  History of the Present seeks to create a space in which scholars can reflect on the role history plays in … Continue reading

Our new Journal of Animal Ethics continues to inspire news coverage and opinion columns around the globe.  The latest comes from the Vancouver Courier. “I admit I like a good online video of a cat playing the piano, or my latest YouTube favourite, … Continue reading

Last week, the following press release about the first issue of the Journal of Animal Ethics caught the attention of the UK press: Animal Language Sends Wrong Message A call for a new “animal language” has been made by some of … Continue reading

Today’s Inside Higher Ed features a report on the brouhaha caused by a special disclaimer that three regular editors of Synthese (a journal focusing on the philosophy of science) slapped on the print edition of a recent guest-edited issue titled … Continue reading

From the press release: A ground-breaking new journal covering the issue of animal ethics has been launched by a US and UK academic partnership with the goal of widening international debate about the moral status of animals.  This month, the … Continue reading

In the March 14 issue of The New Yorker, Jill Lepore cites The American Journal of Psychology in the opening paragraph of her article about G. Stanley Hall and the psychology of growing old (“Twilight: Growing Old and Even Older”). … Continue reading

  Last week, Lisa Bayer passed along a link to a Chronicle of Higher Education article by Tushar Rae about the issue of citation standards for e-books: since e-text reflows based on a user’s preference settings, what’s the best way … Continue reading

Today’s Inside Higher Ed features an interesting article about a new study that has raised doubts about the so-called “citation advantage” for scholars publishing in open-access journals as opposed to subscription-based journals. The question of “Does online access boost citations?” … Continue reading

Editor turnover is a constant, healthy thing in the journals world, and editors ending their terms are usually excited about having more time to dedicate to their own writing, research, and other creative endeavors.  Yet it’s still sad to no … Continue reading

We are very excited to have received word that J. Peter Burkholder’s article, “Music of the Americas and Historical Narratives,” from the Winter 2009 issue of our journal American Music, is a winner of the ASCAP Deems Taylor Award for … Continue reading