Best of Illinois: Look!

The Best of Illinois: Vol. 1, catalog offers cutting-edge graphic design, striking photography, a shelf of essential books, and a closeup of a bullfrog. Oh, you’ve heard these superlatives? Here’s the chase, the gist, the nitty, and/or the gritty: 40% off the cover price of our most celebrated new and recent releases. For instance, eyeball the following art and architecture books, a series of guides to get you looking up, looking down, and looking all around Chicago, Illinois.

AIAS14Chicago’s lookscape changes as often as a game of Sim City. The AIA Guide to Chicago, Third Edition, highlights all the wonders recently added to the skyline while also offering neighborhood-by-neighborhood tours. It’s all here: the glimpse of the sci-fi future that is Aqua; the answer to the question, “Why does the Reebie Storage Company on Clark Street look like a pharaoh’s tomb?”; and the pinktabulous splendor of the Jazz Age-era Edgewater Beach Apartments.

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