Best of Illinois: Very sporting

Metrics used to refer to a baffling system of weights and measures that Americans refused to adopt. These days, however, sports fans quote a different kind of metrics that measure everything from K/BB ratio to Kobe’s plus-minus. We live in an age of statistics. That being the case, here’s a number all of us can understand: forty percent off. That’s 40% savings on selected sports books from UI Press to celebrate our new regional catalog. We’re not talking the garbage time scrubs here, either. These titles represent the current stars we’re running out onto the floor game after game.

NFL Football - Richard CrepeauFounded as an obscure sports body, the National Football League has grown into a multi-billion-dollar colossus and cultural phenomenon at the center of American sports. Richard C. Crepeau goes into the back rooms and boardrooms to show how it happened. Probing and learned, NFL Football tells an epic success story peopled by larger-than-life figures and driven by ambition, money, sweat, and dizzying social and technological changes.





SmithF13Revered as a straight shooter in a tumultuous time, John Wooten rewrote the X’s and O’s of college basketball and remains synonymous with hardwood victory. In The Sons of Westwood, John Matthew Smith traces the Wizard’s UCLA years, showing how Wooten turned a has-been into a dynasty, but also learned to bend–for better and worse–in the face of change.






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