Blogging by Middle-aged Cat Lovers and More!

For readers 17 or younger (if we have any):

RT @slate: RT @nytimes: kidz diss blogs 4 #fb and #twitter 

For those between the ages of 34 and 73:

So apparently youngsters are moving in droves to sites like Facebook and Twitter in large part because they’re easier to use and require less writing. 

Meanwhile, the rise of blogging among the 34-to-73 set continues apace, driven by our need to express ourselves in a less-fragmented online medium that allows more than 140 characters.

More evidence that while everything changes, nothing really does. I am reminded of a favorite tweet from a fellow attendee at last week’s TOC (O’Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing for those of you not wearing skinny pants). She wrote, “Pardon me, but is anyone here under 25?”

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