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For readers 17 or younger (if we have any): RT @slate: RT @nytimes: kidz diss blogs 4 #fb and #twitter http://slate.me/g0nTzG  For those between the ages of 34 and 73: So apparently youngsters are moving in droves to sites like Facebook and Twitter … Continue reading

In book publishing we’re busy talking about the need to expand our social networking efforts, to create online communities around books and authors, to consider content from the customer’s perspective and build it from there. With absolute respect to the … Continue reading

Thanks to Tony over at the Penn State Press blog for bringing this video, apparently from a Dorling Kindersley sales conference, to my attention. Perfect food for thought late on a Friday afternoon as I prepare to talk about marketing to a publishing … Continue reading

A blogger at The Urbana Free Library compares the fate of the wondrous library in ancient Alexandria with the squeeze being put on today’s public libraries in the wake of the global recession. We may not be forced from our positions at … Continue reading

Among the many stories generated by the Tiger Woods debacle is this one from the Chronicle’s Tweed column.  A book in the floorboard of the famously wrecked Escalade appears in a photo published widely by news outlets. That book is the … Continue reading

Bess Lomax Hawes, folklorist, singer, and defender of the folk arts, died last week in Portland, Oregon. We are honored to have published Hawes’s 2008 memoir, Sing It Pretty, as part of our Music in American Life series. She is remembered … Continue reading

Salon reviews The Lexicographer’s Dilemma by Rutgers English professor Jack Lynch. Which brings us back to those split infinitives, the most famous of which is spoken by William Shatner in the opening credits of the TV series “Star Trek”: “To … Continue reading

In today’s Dream Job category, we have the University Library at California Santa Cruz seeking to fill the Grateful Dead Archivist position. So: perfect opportunity to sport your Jerry tie, or fashion faux pas?

The University of Michigan Library announces MPublishing, the new uber-publishing initiative that includes the University of Michigan Press alongside other campus units devoted to scholarly communication. The focus of MPublishing will be the development of information communities for well-defined audiences.   Key markets … Continue reading

My friend and former colleague Will Powers died suddenly in August. He was the design and production manager par excellence at the Minnesota Historical Society Press. We’ve seen copious tributes to him since then, and a memorial is planned in … Continue reading