Fannie Barrier Williams wins Letitia Woods Brown Book Award

HendricksF13Fannie Barrier Williams: Crossing the Borders of Region and Race by Wanda A. Hendricks has been selected as one of this year’s winners of the Letitia Woods Brown Book Award for best work by a senior scholar.

The award is presented by the Association of Black Women Historians to award “the best book in the field of African American history published this year.”

Hendricks’s biography tells the story of activist and reformer Fannie Barrier Williams (1855–1944), who became one of the most prominent educated African American women of her generation.

Award Committee Chair Lopez Matthews says of Fannie Barrier Williams, “The book illuminates the life of a race woman whose education placed her within the pantheon of black intellectual culture. Principally a lone woman among men her notable achievements are well known but until now have not been fully explored. This book makes an immeasurable contribution to the African American women’s history.”