Fixing Illinois: steering the conversation to the future

In the 1950s, thriving commerce , strong leadership, and geographical good fortune made Illinois one of the most envied states in the nation.

The authors of Fixing Illinois: Politics and Policy in the Prairie State have four decades of experience working inside and around state government. They feel that the economic imbalances, bureaucratic mismanagement and ethical lapses that have plagued the state are surely big problems, but problems that can be corrected.

Recently J. Thomas Johnson, who co-authored Fixing Illinois with James D. Nowlan, spoke with Carol Marin on WTTW’s “Chicago Tonight” program to discuss solutions for correcting the issues with politics, economics and policy in the Prairie State.

In the interview Johnson outlines several of the suggestions made within Fixing Illinois including reforms in the education system, redistricting and other measures to restore Illinois to past heights.

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