George Szell reviewed in The Wall Street Journal

Cover for : George Szell: A Life of Music. Click for larger imageThe July 29, 2011, issue of The Wall Street Journal featured a review of Michael Charry’s new book George Szell: A Life of Music.

“Mr. Charry examines Szell’s personal life in greater detail than has been afforded before, with a trove of previously unpublished letters. These chronicle his happy second marriage to Helene Schultz Teltsch, which lasted from 1938 until his death, and his devotion to his stepson. Szell spent his summers in Europe, where he became a skilled and eager golfer. He was much in demand as a guest conductor, although he won no friends at Lincoln Center when he suggested, in 1962, that the brand-new Philharmonic Hall (now called Avery Fisher Hall) be torn down and completely rebuilt.

Cleveland, of course, remains the heart of the matter. There was nothing inevitable about the establishment of a world-class orchestra in the city.”

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