Goodbye, Brittany!

Brittany at the art promToday many of us are saying goodbye to our Marketing Department Intern, Brittany Pyle. Over the past year she’s made herself a valuable member of our team, and cheerfully completed any task assigned, which were frequently both essential and mind-numbing. Personally, we’ve shared stories about growing up in neighboring small towns that apparently haven’t changed that much over the past century, let alone the last twenty years.  And I’ve gotten to live vicariously, as a settled Gen-Xer, through her stories of learning how to make music videos by working on one for Elsinore, and got an in-depth lesson in fine art copyright after her class work turned into national news when the same band was taken to court over an album cover.

Brittany’s last day with us is tomorrow. Next week she will join Parkland College as the Art Gallery Exhibit Coordinator, with a second (unpaid) internship Fridays at 40 North, 88 West, our local arts council.  They’re both very privileged to get her! She’ll also find time to continue working on her own art.

Gail Collins’ tribute to twenty-somethings in yesterday’s New York Times captured my feelings better than I can. All the best to you, Brittany.