Happy birthday to Ginger Boatwright

Bluegrass singer Ginger Boatwright was born on September 21st in 1944. She has been involved in various bands throughout the years including the Grammy nominated Red White and Blue(grass), the all-female bluegrass group the Bushwackers, and the Doug Dillard Band. She also has performed as a solo artist and with her most recent group The Sipsey River Band.

Murphy Hicks Henry writes in her book Pretty Good for a Girl: Women in Bluegrass:

Perhaps her most important modern contribution was something she was simply born with: the way she sang. Her vocals were not in the shouting style of Wilma Lee Cooper or Gloria Belle, nor did they have the hard edge of Hazel Dickens or Rubye Davis. She was one of the first women in the musical business to bring a softer, smoother, more lyrical quality to the singing, paving the way for other women with similar vocal gifts.

Forced to drop out of college because of a cancer diagnosis and told that she had three weeks to live, Ginger decided to devote her life to music. She eventually recovered but would struggle with health problems and another cancer diagnosis later on in her life. Throughout it all, Ginger has maintained her sense of humor, great stage personality, and as always, has continued to sing. 

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