May I take your pledge?


Joe, Roberta, Lisa B., Rohn, Lisa S., & Jennifer
From left to right: Joe, Roberta, Lisa B., Rohn, Lisa S., & Jennifer

On Monday, several gracious UIP employees volunteered to answer phones for WILL-TV‘s Winter Pledge Drive. As we answered phones and filled out pledge forms (on camera!), we listened to programs featuring Red Grange; the University of Illinois marching band; and the a capella group, Straight No Chaser. You can view a list of volunteer groups, including UIP, here.

Thanks go out to Lisa B., Rohn, Roberta, Joe, and Jennifer. Also thanks to Michael and Lisa B. for organizing everything. Finally, thank you to WILL for another great volunteer experience!

P.S. For more on Red Grange, check out our book on the great football player, Red Grange and the Rise of Modern Football, by John M. Carroll. And if you have a passion for a capella, check out Joshua S. Duchan’s article, “Collegiate A Capella: Emulation and Originality,” in Volume 25, Number 4 (Winter 2007) of American Music.

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